And that’s a wrap!

We wrapped up our last day, Sunday, August 28, 2016, with a bang!  The party was wonderful. Thank you so much for all of the love and support over these last ten years.

In the new few days we will post here and to our social media some links to teachers, supply resources, and ways to watch the new adventures of Kaye and Sandi, so check back!

Once again, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

Two more weeks to go…

We are so excited to be about to retire! Kaye and Sandi are looking forward to the changes in their lives.  But we do have this week and next week to go!  Please do come down and visit us.  We are currently featuring Pattern Palooza!  Sandi found boxes and boxes of printed patterns, and we need them to go to new homes!  You can stock up with 10 patterns for  $1!  This is a great chance to find some new ideas to create for the upcoming holidays!

We do still have some former classroom equipment for sale, as well as plenty of new wheels and few new looms in stock!  If you’ve been dreaming of a spinning wheel (or adding to your equipment herd!), please come down and let us help you select one.  Adopt a wheel or loom today!

Joyful crafting!

And the winner is…

And the winner is…all of us who spun for Tour de Fleece!  It doesn’t matter whether you completed your stated goals or not, just playing along is the name of the game.  Any time you spend on your spinning is experience and gives you pleasure.

Join us tomorrow, Saturday, July 23rd, for our Tour closing party from 11am-1pm!  Ray, our friendly neighborhood massage therapist will be on hand for the usual $1 per minute chair massage to ease those aching hands from all that spinning.

Also, to celebrate the Tour closing, we are having a two day sale on new, in-stock only Schacht equipment.  Today (Friday, July 22nd) and tomorrow (Saturday, July 23rd) we will be featuring our new, in-stock Schacht equipment at 15% off.  We have a brand new Wolf Pup LT, a shiny new Sidekick (with complete pulley set), and a lovely new Ladybug (with complete pulley set) all just itching to go to their new homes.

We are still taking orders for looms and wheels to be shipped direct to our customers! Louet has a full stock of David and Spring looms all ready to go. Call us and order your dream loom today!

Come and get ’em while they’re hot!

Ladybug Spinning Wheel

If you are thinking of a new wheel, loom, blending board, or drum carder, now is the time! Today and tomorrow (July 15-16, 2016) are the last two days that we will be offering a complementary lesson with the purchase of a new piece of equipment.  We have plenty of items in stock; we are still taking orders for equipment through the end of August.

Come and let us help you choose your new fiber arts tools!

Mountain Challenge for Tour de Fleece!

Congratulations to Deborah, our overall winner in both the Challenge competitions!  She spun 36 yards in 15 minutes in the distance competition and 64 grams of super bulky in the weight competition.

It’s now time for the Mountain Challenge!  How much does it weigh?
We’ll have a few items set up to for you to guess how much they weigh. There will be a selection of different fibers, a surprise item, and a bonus round.
Of course there will be prized to award!

Tour de Fleece runs from July 2 to July 24, 2016.
Rest Days are Monday, July 11 and Tuesday, July 19.
Challenge Days are Saturday, July 9 and Saturday, July 16

Spin anywhere you want! Bring your wheel or spindle to the shop if you can. Come join all the fun at the shop, and happy spinning!

Need a new wheel for your herd?

So, Tour de Fleece 2016 is off and running! Have you found that you might need a little boost in your spinning tool bag?  We are offering a few refurbished wheels at great deals that might pick up the speed for you, or at least increase the numbers of wheels in your wheel corral!

This little beauty is a refurbished Schacht Spindle Company Ladybug wheel.  It’s a great deal, coming along with a couple of extra whorls to put more power in your spinning! The Ladybug is a really versatile and portable wheel.  You can upgrade it with lots of fun goodies, and it fits in your car like a dream!  We are asking $450 for this little used wheel. Won’t you consider giving it a good home?

And if you’re in the mood for a brand new Ladybug with just about ALL the bells and whistles, we do have one in stock and ready to go!

Happy Spinning!IMG_4495.JPG

Tour de Fleece Challenge Day

July 9th is the first of the Challenge Days of the Tour de Fleece.  We will be hosting two competitions.

Yardage Challenge:  For this competition you will spin using a worsted draw technique. You will be provided with 1/4 ounce of fiber and you will have 15 minutes to spin the maximum amount of yardage you can spin.  We’ll measure your singles and award a prize for the longest yardage.     Timer goes at 2:00 pm


Weight Challenge:  For this competition you will spin using any technique you like for maximum weight.  You will have 15 minutes of spinning time.  We will provide the fiber.  We’ll skein and weigh your singles and award a prize for the most weighty skein.  Timer goes at 3:00 pm.


Come and challenge yourself!